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Terms and Conditions

Date of last change: December 30th, 2021

At InforCrypt, we want to make sure that our relationships with our Customers run as smoothly as possible. We appreciate the trust you place in InforCrypt and therefore take your rights very seriously. With the following preliminary information and conditions, we want to give you a clear overview of your rights, and sometimes obligations. If anything is unclear, please let us know.

Please read this information carefully before agreeing to it. Upon receipt of your registration confirmation via e-mail, your registration is considered final. By placing a subscription, you agree to have read our full disclosure of risks of clause 13 of these Terms and Conditions. Indeed, InforCrypt may amend these Terms and Conditions and the new Terms and Conditions will apply to a new subscription. The subscription you will place now is subject to the current Terms and Conditions. You can print the text or save it on your computer's hard disk.

Company data
  • Trade name and legal form: InforCrypt BV
  • Address Headquarters: Gentsestraat 15, 8860 Lendelede
  • Address Office: Dumolinlaan 1, 8500 Kortrijk
  • VAT number: BE 0832 341 261
Contact details

Article 1. General provisions

The website of InforCrypt BV, with registered office at Gentsestraat 15, 8860 Lendelede, office at Dumolinlaan 1, 8500 Kortrijk and with company number BE 0832 341 261, (hereinafter "InforCrypt BV") offers its customers training, hereinafter "our Services"

  • The way we offer these Crypto courses are in:
    • Private lessons Personal coaching, Schedule your own lesson times, at your home or office, 2 hours of private follow-up per package,
    • Group lessons Coaching in group, Pre-scheduled lesson times, at the office, maximum 6 people.
    • Online lessons 2D animation videos, 24/7 access, +- 26 hours of video content, accessible follow-up & community through IFC+ platform.
  • Different formulas based on your knowledge are possible for the courses:
    • Basic: The first lessons will welcome you into the world of Cryptocurrency, which has a lot to tell about! Discover how Bitcoin was created and how the basic Blockchain works. We will also show you what Altcoins are and what they stand for.
    • Advanced: In the advanced classes we are going to look at the Crypto market on a much more technical level. We will give you a first tour in the (Day-)trading world.
    • Pro: The Pro classes are especially made for those who like to go deeper, as they are equipped with a high dose of knowledge. We do everything in our power to make you a good trader.
    • Full Pack: A combination of the Basic, Advanced & Pro formulas.
  • Events

These Terms and Conditions ("Terms and Conditions") apply to all of its customers (current, former and future), to any visit to or use of the website and its information by a customer (hereinafter the "Customer"), to all offers, quotations, work and agreements relating to training and education provided by or on behalf of InforCrypt BV and its partners.

In these Terms and Conditions the following terms are used in the following sense, unless explicitly stated otherwise:

  • Client: "the other party of InforCrypt BV."
  • Agreement: "any mutual acceptance, confirmed in writing or by email, of delivery of one or more products or services of InforCrypt BV."
  • Session: "The duration of the meeting of one training unit."
  • InforCrypt Plus Platform: "A platform that connects our trainees with each other to share interests and knowledge where the trainees receive membership on the InforCrypt Plus platform based on the earned Inforcoins made during the quizzes after the lessons." To gain access to the platform you must be or have been a student of InforCrypt BV. You will receive a 2-month membership for each course you take (Basic, Advanced or Pro). With a full package the membership is one year, both private, group and online."

Article 2. Scope of application of General Terms and Conditions

By placing a subscription, the Client agrees that he or she has consulted these Terms and Conditions and explicitly accepts their applicability, to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions. Additional conditions of the Client are excluded, unless they have been previously, in writing and expressly accepted by InforCrypt BV.

As an exception, provisions of the Terms and Conditions may be waived by written agreement. Such waivers may consist of the modification, addition or deletion of the provisions to which they relate and shall not affect the application of the remaining provisions of the Terms and Conditions.

General purchase or other general conditions of Customer do not apply to the legal relationship between Customer and InforCrypt BV and are expressly rejected.

If you do not wish to be bound by our Terms and Conditions your only option is not to visit, view or otherwise use one or more services and products offered by InforCrypt BV. You understand, accept and agree that these Terms establish a legally binding agreement between you and InforCrypt BV.

Article 3. Content of the website

InforCrypt largely determines the content of the website and takes great care of the information on it. All possible measures are taken to keep the website as complete, accurate and up-to-date as possible, even when the information on it is provided by third parties. InforCrypt BV reserves the right to modify, supplement or delete the website and its content at any time, without any liability.

InforCrypt BV cannot give any absolute guarantee regarding the quality of the information on the website. As a result, this information may not always be complete, accurate, sufficiently precise or current. Consequently, InforCrypt BV cannot be held liable for any damage, direct or indirect, that the Client may suffer as a result of the information provided on the website. Statements by InforCrypt BV, including images, drawings, statements of capacities, specifications, diagrams, prices, price lists, material lists, brochures and other information on the website or other information channels, regarding our products and services are indicative and shall only serve as an invitation to make an offer.

If certain content on the website is in violation of the law, the rights of third parties or morality, the Customer must notify InforCrypt BV as soon as possible via our online contact form so that appropriate measures can be taken. Any download from the website is always at the Customer's own risk. InforCrypt BV is not liable for any damages, direct or indirect, resulting from such downloads, such as loss of data or damage to the Customer's computer system.

Despite the fact that the website is composed with the utmost care, it is still possible that the information offered is incomplete, contains material errors, or is not up to date. Obvious mistakes or errors in the offer do not bind InforCrypt BV. InforCrypt BV is only bound to a best efforts obligation as far as the correctness and completeness of the offered information is concerned. InforCrypt BV is in no way liable for material errors, misprints or printing errors. InforCrypt BV has the right to correct errors, even if a registration has already been confirmed.

Article 4. Tenders and Cancellation

Tenders placed in the name of the Client are deemed to be placed by the Client and are binding. InforCrypt BV has the right to attach conditions to the execution of a subscription, such as asking for an advance payment, or other security, and can refuse a subscription of the Client without giving reasons.

Every agreement is entered into under the suspensive condition of sufficient availability of the relevant services and products. The agreement is concluded by the confirmation of InforCrypt BV of the Client's registration, or by the commencement of the execution of the registration by InforCrypt BV. Confirmation may be electronic (via the website or by e-mail), written (by letter to our registered office) or oral.

The order confirmation shall be deemed to accurately and completely reflect the agreement, unless the Client objects in writing or electronically within two (2) business days of receipt of the order confirmation. InforCrypt BV is only bound by its tenders if the agreement is confirmed in writing by the Client within thirty (30) days.

Cancellation of registrations is only possible after written or electronic confirmation of InforCrypt BV. If a registration is cancelled, the participation fee will not be refunded. This does not affect InforCrypt BV's right to claim damages suffered (e.g. lost profits). Cancellation of a registration must always be done in writing to the registered office or by e-mail to

In case of cancellation of the full training package, the following conditions apply:

  • Before the start of the first session; 25% of the registration fee will remain due.
  • Before the start of the second session; 50% of the registration fee is due.
  • Later during the course; 100% registration fee will remain due in full.

When rescheduling a Session, the following conditions apply:

  • More than 24h before the start of the session; no cancellation fee will be charged.
  • Less than 24 hours before the start of the session; 50% of the cost of the session will be charged.

If a Client is prevented from participating, the Client is entitled to have a substitute participate. The Client must notify InforCrypt BV within five (5) working days and no later than one (1) week before the start of the Session.


Online classes have a 100% GUARANTEE - Not Satisfied, Money Back Guarantee.
This is only valid if no more than 25% of the online streaming lessons were viewed in the first 14 days after purchase. Subsequent to valid reason communicated by mail, reason of your dissatisfied experience. This feedback is very important for Inforcrypt BV to learn how to improve.

Inforcrypt BV has confidence in the quality content of its product.

The valid reason must be described in your own words and sent by mail to the following address:

The customer is also entitled to a conference call of 1h maximum with the purchase of FULL PACK online.
An appointment can be made via the mail address:

Article 5. Prices and Payment

All prices listed on the InforCrypt BV website are expressed in EURO, always exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated and all other duties or taxes to be borne by the Customer, price changes and typing errors reserved. If delivery, shipping, reservation or administrative costs or other government levies are charged, this will be mentioned separately.

The price stated refers exclusively to the services, training and products offered as described verbatim. The accompanying photos are for decorative purposes only and may contain elements that are not included in the price. InforCrypt BV reserves the right to change the prices of the products, services and trainings, in particular when a legal price-fixing factor gives rise to it.

Hourly rates are subject to annual adjustment in function of the market situation. The price stated in the contract is binding, unless between the time of registration and the time of delivery there are circumstances that increase the cost price of the goods ordered. In that case InforCrypt BV is entitled to increase the prices accordingly. Such a price increase does not give the Client the right to dissolve the agreement.

Unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing, payment will take place without settlement or suspension for whatever reason. After all, the participation fee is due in advance. In case of late or incomplete payment, InforCrypt BV reserves the right to exclude the participant from participation.

The Client is requested to fill in the invoice number upon payment. All invoices are, unless stated otherwise on the invoice, only payable by bank transfer to the account number of InforCrypt BV. The Client shall transfer the total invoice amount of the delivered goods and/or services within a period of five (5) days to InforCrypt BV on account number Fortis: BE78001636485986 BIC GEBABEBB and no later than one (1) week prior to the start date of the training.

Invoices (as pdf-files) are sent electronically (by e-mail) to the Client, unless the Client makes a written request to receive them by post. In that case InforCrypt BV is entitled to charge an additional cost of €4,95 per invoice sent by post.

In case of non-payment of the invoice on the due date without serious reason, the balance will be increased - without a notice of default being required - by a fixed penalty of 10% on the total amount of the outstanding invoice with a minimum of €25 and a maximum of €1.500, even when granting periods of grace. The Customer will also lose the benefit of the discount granted on the ordinary rate. Any order formally confirmed or contractually entered into by the Customer is irrevocable, whether or not an advance payment has been made. Where appropriate, the advance payment made by the Customer shall be deducted from the total price for the order.

The Customer is always jointly and severally liable with the legal person in whose name the invoice is requested for all obligations towards InforCrypt BV, should problems arise in relation to the payment of the invoice.

Article 6. Education and training

InforCrypt BV and its partners make every effort to ensure an adequate and sound quality of the education and training. After the education or training, the Client will receive an evaluation form. InforCrypt BV will use this to improve the education and training where necessary as well as to assess its instructors.

Any complaints about the quality of the education and training delivered by InforCrypt BV and its partners must be made in writing and motivated to InforCrypt within eight (8) days after the execution thereof, to InforCrypt BV Education and Training, Dumolinlaan bus 1, number 13, 8500 Kortrijk.

In the unlikely event that, due to circumstances, a certain training or education cannot take place, InforCrypt BV will try to provide a replacement training or education within a reasonable time. If a replacement is not possible and InforCrypt BV cancels the course or training, InforCrypt BV will refund the participation fee to the Client. The Client is not entitled to any (additional) compensation.

InforCrypt BV reserves the right to change the location and in case of insufficient enrollment to cancel a training or education. InforCrypt BV will inform the Customer about this in a timely manner.

Article 7. InforCrypt Plus

The Inforcrypt BV Plus platform is a platform for our students that functions as a follow up platform and connects our students with each other to share interests and knowledge where the students receive membership based on the earned Inforcoins made during the quizzes after the classes. In order to access the platform, the student must be or have been a student of InforCrypt BV.

The Inforcrypt Plus platform is available for existing customers with the earned Inforcoins made during the quizzes after the class and available for former customers for a fee, who can gain access to it by signing up.

Standard membership for two (2) months of Inforcrypt Plus with each package (Basic, Advanced & Pro) and twelve (12) months of membership with the Platform with the purchase of the 'Full Pack' both private, group and online. As well as by answering the quizzes after the trainings correctly and collecting Inforcoins. For every quiz question in the quiz after each lesson, 1 Inforcoin can be earned per correctly answered question. After the course, Inforcrypt Plus can still be used after purchasing a monthly or annual subscription.

For example, a Customer purchases the Basic Package, which will give them access to the InforCrypt Plus Platform for at least two (2) months. The Client answers 14 questions correctly on the 25 questions asked during the quizzes over a period of 5 lessons. This means that the Customer obtains 14 x 1 Inforcoin (€2) = €28 of Inforcoin value. With this value, the Customer can afford an additional month of InforCrypt+ membership.

On the InforCrypt Plus platform, people are spoken to respectfully, by no matter who. InforCrypt BV reserves the right to suspend or even remove the Customer's account from the platform if InforCrypt BV learns of any disrespectful behavior (harassment/threats) by a Customer towards another Customer.

The customer is only entitled to one account per user. If InforCrypt BV obtains knowledge that a customer is sharing his/her account with other users, the account will be closed immediately and the customer will not receive a refund of the registration fees paid.

Advertising and/or spamming another course, company, product or service in any way is strictly prohibited. If InforCrypt discovers that a Customer is happening the platform, the Customer's account will be closed immediately, without refund of any registration fees paid.

Each Inforcoin represents €2 only within the platform. The Inforcoins are in no way exchangeable for cash/digital money and can only be used on the InforCrypt Plus platform. The Inforcoins cannot be resold to other members or Customers of InforCrypt or beyond.

The InforCrypt Plus platform is not designed and secured to pass passwords and/or logins from crypto accounts. Should that happen, InforCrypt is not liable for the loss of the online assets and/or cryptocurrencies.

The analyses made on the 'analysis' platform are in no way financial advice. It is purely an insight of advanced traders.

All content located on the InforCrypt Plus platform is intended solely for the use of members of the InforCrypt Plus platform and therefore may not be shared or copied.

Article 8. Performance by third parties

InforCrypt may engage third parties in the performance of the Agreement at its discretion. InforCrypt reserves the right to replace announced teachers or speakers. Also because of quality improvement and/or reprogramming InforCrypt BV reserves the right to adjust the training or education program in relation to the announcement both organizationally (for example the location) and content-wise (for example by involving current affairs prominently).

InforCrypt may transfer rights and obligations under this Agreement to third parties and shall inform the Client thereof. If the transfer of obligations to a third party is not reasonably acceptable to the Customer, the Customer shall be given the opportunity to object within five (5) days of receipt of the relevant notice. Both Parties will then reach an amicable arrangement whereby InforCrypt BV offers a solution to the objections.

Article 9. Delivery and Delivery Time

The indicated or agreed delivery times are always approximate and have been determined on the basis of data and circumstances that were known to InforCrypt BV at the time of entering into the agreement. Stated delivery and/or execution times should never be considered as deadlines. The delivery of its products and services shall take place as soon as possible after written order and supply of the necessary data by the Client. If there is a risk of the agreed delivery time being exceeded, this shall be communicated as soon as possible. In case of force majeure on the part of InforCrypt BV, the term will be extended by the period of that force majeure.

If during the execution of the current contract the Client expresses new wishes, which fall outside the agreements made, these will be considered as a new order. InforCrypt BV reserves the right to postpone the execution of these new wishes until previous agreements have been settled.

The Client undertakes to provide InforCrypt BV with all data required by InforCrypt BV for the purpose of providing its products and services upon request and guarantees the accuracy and completeness thereof. If the Client has not complied with this request within a period of four (4) weeks, InforCrypt BV will stop its activities and the remainder of the agreed principal amount will be immediately due and payable.

Article 10. Duration

Our services are offered for the period necessary to provide the training and only for the period that the lessons are actually taken, unless otherwise agreed. Except in the case of written notice of termination, this period is automatically extended by a period of 1 month upon expiry. The Customer is obliged to respect in writing a cancellation period of 1 month, which occurs 1 month before the end of the subscription day be it during the initial period or during the period of renewal. Without this notice, the contract duration is automatically extended by 1 month and charged without possibility of any reimbursement by InforCrypt.

Article 11. Liability

InforCrypt BV is not a broker, dealer or investment adviser. InforCrypt BV has no access to non-public information about crypto projects, ICOs or token sales. In providing our training, no financial advice is given or received, nor advice regarding investment decisions. Inforcrypt BV does not provide financial advice and therefore cannot be held liable in any way for lost capital or failed investments.

InforCrypt BV cannot be held liable in any way for the (in)direct damage that might result from consulting or using the information provided on our website or sessions, or from the external sources used during the training program. InforCrypt BV is not liable for any damage suffered by the Client or any third party as a result of incorrect and/or incompetent use by the Client or any third party of information (course or training materials) or Service provided by InforCrypt.

InfoCrypt BV cannot be held liable for problems with the availability of the information caused by technical errors or interruptions caused by force majeure.

InforCrypt shall not be liable for any damage to person or property caused by accident, casualty, loss or theft occurring on the premises of our Services.

Without prejudice to the provisions of the contract, the compensation for attributable failure for direct damage of InforCrypt BV towards the Customer, on any account whatsoever, per event (whereby a connected series of events counts as one event) shall not exceed the price, excluding VAT, stipulated in the relevant contract for the performance of InforCrypt BV in the period of one month prior to the default of InforCrypt BV.

InforCrypt BV shall not be liable for any claims or legal proceedings arising out of the unlawful provision of material in violation of copyright laws and/or existing trademark laws. InforCrypt BV is not liable for errors or omissions when these are due to software or hardware or data or applications or other materials, not supplied by InforCrypt BV, which is defective and/or which InforCrypt BV did not know would be used in conjunction with its products or services, or the fact that others than InforCrypt BV have made changes to the products or services.

InforCrypt BV is not liable for damages for delay, damages for loss of data, damages for exceeding delivery deadlines as a result of changed circumstances, damages for providing inadequate cooperation and damages for information or advice given by InforCrypt BV of which the content is not explicitly part of a written agreement.

In the event of a breach of the Terms and Conditions by the Customer, InforCrypt BV reserves the right to take appropriate sanctions and compensatory measures, such as temporarily or permanently denying access to the services. These measures can be taken without giving reasons and without prior notice. They cannot entail liability for InforCrypt BV, nor give rise to any form of compensation.

The Client indemnifies InforCrypt BV for all damages InforCrypt BV may suffer as a result of claims by third parties related to the goods or services supplied by InforCrypt BV, including:

  • claims by third parties, including employees of the Client, who suffer damages as a result of unlawful actions of employees (employees and/or freelancers) of InforCrypt who have been placed at the disposal of the Client and work under its supervision or on its instructions;
  • claims from third parties, including employees of InforCrypt BV, who in connection with the execution of the agreement suffer damage which is the result of acts or omissions by the Client or of unsafe situations in his company if applicable;
  • claims by third parties who suffer damage which is the result of a defect in the products and services supplied by InforCrypt BV if the defect in the materials was hidden for InforCrypt BV.

In providing our Services, InforCrypt BV is providing a best effort obligation. Although with respect to the content of the Services provided by InforCrypt BV including training, education and events the utmost care is taken, InforCrypt cannot exclude the absence of errors or omissions. Neither InforCrypt BV nor its partners or appointees are liable in any way for any damage caused by such errors or omissions.

Article 12. Termination

The Customer shall be deemed to be in default by operation of law and the (remaining) debt shall be immediately due and payable in the event:

  • the Customer is in arrears for more than two (2) months;
  • the Customer has wilfully committed acts that jeopardize, harm or make impossible its professional relations with InforCrypt BV, other existing or future business partners, with its suppliers, with its personnel, with other customers or with the government;
  • InforCrypt BV has good grounds to fear that the Client will fail in its performance and the Client does not comply with a written demand stating such grounds to declare itself prepared to comply with its obligations within a reasonable period of time set in the demand;
  • the Customer files for bankruptcy, is declared bankrupt, cedes its assets, files a petition for suspension of payments, or all or part of its assets are seized and this is not done within ten (10) days after seizure;
  • the order, due to negligence of the Customer, remains open for more than 6 months;
  • the Customer is a natural person and dies.

If both parties terminate this agreement by mutual agreement, the modalities applicable thereto may be freely chosen. These Terms will continue to be applied in perpetuity until explicitly terminated by InforCrypt BV, without notice and at any time. The Terms cannot be affected by the termination of this agreement.

In case of force majeure InforCrypt BV is entitled to regard the agreement as terminated, without judicial intervention and without being obliged to pay damages. Force majeure to fulfill our obligations means any strange cause, which cannot be attributed to us, and which prevents fulfillment of the agreement, or hinders it to such an extent or makes it so difficult, that fulfillment cannot reasonably be required of us.

Article 13. Links to other websites

The website may contain links or hyperlinks to external websites. Such links do not automatically imply that there is a relationship between InforCrypt BV and the external website or even that there is an implicit agreement with the content of these external websites.

InforCrypt BV has no control over external websites and is therefore not responsible for the safe and correct operation of the hyperlinks and their final destination. Once the Client clicks on the hyperlink, he leaves the website and InforCrypt BV cannot be held liable for any damages.

Article 14. Intellectual property

The material (texts, images, graphics, login passwords) provided by InforCrypt BV to the Client is the property of InforCrypt BV or the trainers hired by InforCrypt BV. All elements and data of the website provided by InforCrypt BV to Customer for placement on our website, including all texts, images, logos, graphics, photographs, audio or video clips and updates are assumed to be and remain the sole property of InforCrypt BV.

All materials provided by InforCrypt BV to the Client as part of the education, training or event are intended solely for the Client's or its organization's own use. The Client is not allowed to multiply and/or publish the obtained information, regardless of the method used. The Client is not allowed to develop or give a similar training based on the information provided by or on behalf of InforCrypt BV (course or training materials) whether or not in collaboration with third parties, unless prior written permission has been granted by InforCrypt BV.

To the extent that all or part of these elements are not the exclusive property of InforCrypt BV, InforCrypt BV warrants that it has all necessary permissions and/or licenses to use these elements. These authorizations should refer, as the case may be, to:

  • the right of reproduction on any digital or other medium, including the right of adaptation needed for the transfer from one medium to another;
  • the right of graphical adaptation on any medium;
  • the right of electronic distribution as well as, where appropriate, the right to distribute the medium containing these elements;
  • the right of communication to the public, with or without wire, by any means, such as cable, satellite, Internet, including the making available to the public of the elements in such a way that each person may access them at the place and time individually chosen.

Article 15. Privacy

All information regarding which processing activities we perform, the purposes of these processing activities, the retention period, legal grounds and what kind of personal data we process, can be found in our Privact Statement, always publicly available on our website which forms an integral part of these Terms and Conditions. Do you have questions or comments about our Privacy Statement? You can send us your question via the online contact form or via mail to

Article 16. Use of cookies

By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies. For more information about the use of cookies, for what purposes they are used and how long they are stored on your browser, please refer to our Cookie Policy.

Article 17. Affection of validity - nullity

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is declared invalid, unlawful or void, this shall not in any way affect the validity, legality and applicability of the other provisions. In such a case, this provision will be replaced by another valid and comparable provision.

The failure at any time by InforCrypt BV to enforce any of the rights set forth in these Terms and Conditions, or to exercise any of these rights, shall never be construed as a waiver of such provision and shall not affect the validity of these rights.

In the event of a conflict between the text of the website, advertisements or any other statement of InforCrypt BV and these Terms and Conditions, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

Article 18. Addition and modification of conditions

These Terms and Conditions are supplemented by other terms and conditions that are explicitly referred to, and the Privacy and Cookie Statement of InforCrypt BV. In case of conflict, these Terms and Conditions prevail. InforCrypt may change these Terms and Conditions at any time without further notice, but undertakes to apply the provisions in force at the time the Customer placed a subscription.

InforCrypt BV reserves the right to modify, extend, remove, limit or interrupt the products and services offered on the website at any time, without prior notice and without liability.

Article 19. Applicable law - Competent court

Belgian law shall apply. In case of any disputes, only the courts of the judicial district of Kortrijk are competent.

If any part of these terms and conditions, which constitute the agreement between the parties, should be unlawful or null and void for any reason whatsoever, this shall not affect the validity of the other parts of the agreement, unless the agreement could not continue to exist without this null and void clause.