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Short & longterm vision of crypto. What's next?

I think we can take a breather. A good time to prepare for what is to come.

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11/13/2022 IFC +
Read time: 4 min.

Short & longterm vision of crypto. What's next?

I think we can take a breather. A good time to prepare for what is to come.

10/13/2022 IFC +
Read time: 3 min min.

Hack of the BNB blockchain! How is this possible?

The largest trading platform in crypto currency (BINANCE ) has gone through a painful experience. A hack on the Binance Smart Chain. Something that should never happen in crypto in a truly decentralized network.

9/28/2022 IFC +
Read time: 3min min.

Financial districts around the world

There are locations in the world where normal law does not count and which are completely sovereign. A dream for financial freedom you would say.

9/14/2022 IFC +
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Financial astrology

As everyone knows, there are different types of analysis. Technical analysis is when one analyzes charts and fundamental analysis looks at the basis of projects. There is also a third and less known one namely energetic analysis. Here we talk about astrology, numerology and lunar cycles.

9/7/2022 IFC +
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The Rothschild family

The Rothschild family is known for their global power. They have been building their position for centuries and have risen to the top of the elite. It all began in 1744 when Mayer Amschel Rothschild was born the son of a money-changer based in the Jewish ghetto in Frankfurt. He learned all the tricks of the trade and understood better than anyone how money worked.

9/1/2022 IFC +
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Fundamental analysis

Meanwhile, there are already more than 20,000 cryptocurrencies. There are many good projects but also many bad ones and unfortunately scams. It is therefore essential that you do proper research into the projects you might want to get involved in. There is a wide range of different types of coins and it is important to know what is what. There are some golden rules that are best to take into account when doing your research.

8/24/2022 IFC +
Read time: 4 min.

Who is Martin Armstrong?

Self-taught American economist Martin Armstrong was born in 1949 in New Jersey. He is a genius who can predict cycles in great detail. His economic models were so accurate that the government framed him with false accusations. According to the government, he defrauded investors out of more than $700 million.

8/18/2022 IFC +
Read time: 3 min.

What about forks?

There are two types of software, closed source and open source. Companies like like microsoft and apple work with a software where the source code is not accessible and is protected by patents. On the other hand, you have open source software like linux and bitcoin. This is software that is always free and to which anyone can contribute. It also allows anyone to copy the source code and make their own version of it.

8/11/2022 IFC +
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Blackrock rules the world

Blackrock is the giant in the world of asset management. The company was started in 1988 and has grown to be the largest of its kind. They have shares in just about every major company in the world, from Meta to Coca-cola. It is so big that you could say they dominate the world, they have a hand in everything with a capital of $8-9 trillion.

8/3/2022 IFC +
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What is a bail-in?

Everyone remembers the great real estate crisis of 2008 in America. Because of the toxic products that were based on mortgages, pretty much the banking world collapsed. There wasn't a single bank around the world that didn't own CDOs. CDO stands for collateralized debt obligation. Here thousands of mortgages were poured into a bond and sold as a triple A product.

7/20/2022 IFC +
Read time: 5 min.

The Bullwhip effect

Michael Burry, the 51 year old investor from California made his name with the crisis in 2008. The film The Big Short tells his story in which the doctor saw the big crash in the housing market coming. As manager of the hedge fund "scion" he saw what was coming as early as 2005 and positioned himself by going short on the housing market. He was way ahead of his time and was declared a fool for this action. Practically nobody saw what he saw and he made billions through his speculation on the housing market.

7/13/2022 IFC +
Read time: 4 min.

The new ISO 20022 standard

Today, the SWIFT system is used to verify every financial transaction. This system originated in the 1980s and is extremely slow and expensive. It was time for a change. And now it is coming. ISO is a company based in Geneva Switzerland. This company provides standardization and a quality standard so consumers can be sure of what they are purchasing or certain services they are using.

7/6/2022 IFC +
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Why inflation continues to rise!

The world turns crazy today. We are just out of the corona period that had a very negative effect on the economy and we are already being catapulted into another crisis. The war in Ukraine is causing a lot of unrest in the world. Both on a humanitarian level and on an economic level.

6/29/2022 IFC +
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Spending Bitcoin

Investing in Bitcoin is fun and lucrative but what if you want to buy something with your Bitcoin. More and more places are starting to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment and you can buy anything with your crypto Visa card from places like Binance, coinbase, and

6/22/2022 IFC +
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These are coins that represent a fixed value linked mostly to the dollar. everyone uses them at times as a resting place to go without going to your bank account. It makes trading crypto easier and safer. Or at least what we thought was safe.

6/15/2022 IFC +
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Money, whether we want to admit it or not, all of our lives revolve around money. We need money in every aspect of our lives. A roof over our heads, food on the table, a nice car, vacations, etc........... Yet there is something very strange about money, and that is that no one is interested in the origin and workings of money, our monetary system and the economy.

6/8/2022 IFC +
Read time: 4 min.

The most crazy NFT's

As everyone knows, the NFT market is going fast, very fast. Staggering amounts of money are being paid for unique pieces placed on the blockchain. Among them are sometimes surprising deals. We go over some of them for you.

5/31/2022 IFC +
Read time: 4 min.

Biggest crypto hacks

Unfortunately, anything that has a connection to the Internet is subject to the danger of being hacked. With Crypto, it is no different. To be clear, Bitcoin and crypto cannot be hacked, the exchanges they reside on can.

5/24/2022 IFC +
Read time: 5 min.

The Scams

In the crypto world we still live in the wild west, so it should come as no surprise that many people are being scammed with the Bitcoin story. The scammers are also getting more and more aggressive and creative and they lure people with a lack of crypto knowledge into the trap

5/17/2022 IFC +
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A scientific term that states that chaos is always increasing. I thought this title was appropriate to reflect what is going on in the world. We are in a negative spiral that is difficult to straighten out. We are only in May but world events are happening at a rapid pace this year, on every level. Here are a few examples of the chaos in the world.

5/10/2022 IFC +
Read time: 5 min.

Bitcoin: The Prequel

Everyone thinks BItcoin came out of nowhere in 2009. Nothing could be further from the truth. The holy grail of digital payment systems has been sought since the beginning of the Internet.

5/3/2022 IFC +
Read time: 4 min.

When Bitcoin becomes legal tender

As everyone knows by now, El Salvador has accepted Bitcoin as legal tender. They are also working on many projects related to Bitcoin. For example, they will be mining bitcoins near volcanoes so that they can use the energy of those volcanoes.

4/26/2022 IFC +
Read time: 4 min.

The privacycoins

We're all Bitcoin and crypto fanatics, but if there's one major misunderstanding in that market it's privacy. Whether we want to hear it or not. The feature of many blockchains are transparency, perhaps too transparent.

4/19/2022 IFC +
Read time: 5 min.

The world of NFT's

The hype of the moment is the world of NFTs, Non Fungible Tokens, but what exactly is this? Today I take you into the wonderful world of NFTs and the ecosystem around them.

4/12/2022 IFC +
Read time: 4 min.

So which is more secure: your bank account or a Bitcoin account?

To answer this question, let's first take a look at the policies of our banking system. It's no secret that our banking system is not the most stable system on earth, this was already made clear in our blog about the fact that our banks keep on printing money during crises, which of course leads to inflation.

4/5/2022 IFC +
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The CBDC's

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. This is the situation today but let's start at the beginning, the real beginning. The first successful central bank was that of England, which was established in 1694, a long time ago.

3/29/2022 IFC +
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Smart contract platforms

Smart contracts are contracts that work completely without a third party. The parameters are programmed and they are automatically executed when reached.

3/22/2022 IFC +
Read time: 3 min.

Bitcoin is going mainstream

After a long time, cryptocurrencies are finally starting to find their way onto the television screen. Bit by bit, you see the name Bitcoin dropped in movies and series.

3/16/2022 IFC +
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Misconceptions about Bitcoin

When it comes to Bitcoin, there are many stories circulating. We have listed the biggest misconceptions about Bitcoin for you.

3/12/2022 IFC +
Read time: 3 min.

Cryptofriendly browsers

Internet browsers, we use them daily to skim the internet. Yet, we are very careless and always rely on browsers like microsoft edge, safari and google chrome. These are tools to follow you online in all your doings.

3/9/2022 IFC +
Read time: 4 min.

Bitcoin mining

One of the biggest problems in creating digital currencies was solving the double spending problem. Many have tried to solve this problem, but so far only Satoshi Nakamoto has managed to do so successfully with his Bitcoin.

3/2/2022 IFC +
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Bitcoin: the next logical step

Do you know how our money has evolved over the years as a means of payment? If you take a closer look at the evolution of our money, you will quickly see that cryptocurrencies are a very logical continuation of this ancient evolution! Hereby a little history lesson by team InforCrypt!

2/23/2022 IFC +
Read time: 4 min.

Who is Satoshi?

980,000BTC are still shining in Satoshi Nakamoto's wallet, For 11 years it has remained untouched. Converted to today's price of Feb. 2022, that's over $37 billion. You can begin to understand that there is tremendous speculation about who Satoshi really is.

2/16/2022 IFC +
Read time: 3 min.

The Shemitah

The Shemitah is a cycle of 7 years in Jewish culture. It was that you were allowed to cultivate your land for 6 years and the 7th year you had to rest the land, also the mutual debts of the Jewish community were cancelled and the slaves were released.

2/9/2022 IFC +
Read time: 2 min.

Evergrande Crisis

Everyone probably remembers the 2008 crisis. Toxic loans were put into bonds, and therefore became worthless after a certain time. And because every bank in the world had these toxic bonds, this unleashed a veritable storm on the financial markets.

1/13/2022 IFC +
Read time: 4 min.

Jeckyll Island and the FED

I'll take you through the story of Jeckyll Island. It's a fascinating story of how the Federal Reserve Bank came to be, how those banks and central banks work in the background and how important secrecy was at its inception.

10/12/2021 IFC +
Read time: 3 min.

Bitcoin in Africa

While we use cryptocurrency mainly for speculative purposes, there are places in the world where Bitcoin offers a solution to a lot of difficulties.

6/22/2021 IFC +
Read time: 3 min.

The road to roota

What many people don't know is that children are often programmed from the beginning of their development, to think and behave in a certain way.

4/27/2021 IFC +
Read time: 5 min.

Big reset

Our lives are one big crisis mess. In terms of environment, economy, health and so the list goes on. Everything is about to explode and the 'powers that be' want to pull the plug, so to speak, and reset everything. Just like Monopoly: 'Go back to start'.

2/23/2021 IFC +
Read time: 3 min.

Ethereum number 2

Ethereum has been around for so long that the coin stubbornly maintains its spot at number 2 in the ranking on coinmarketcap.

2/10/2021 IFC +
Read time: 3 min.

Wallstreet Bets

There has been a lot of buzz around Wallstreetbets in recent weeks. This is an online community on the Reddit forum that now has more than 8 million members. The group was created to exchange ideas and knowledge about the stock market and stocks.

1/15/2021 IFC +
Read time: 5 min.

The world in 2021

Things are going from bad to worse. The ECB (European Central Bank) has decided to expand its government and corporate bond purchase program to 1850 billion euros.

1/6/2021 IFC +
Read time: 2 min.

Bull run

While i'm writing this, Bitcoin is at $35.000, and constant breaking all time highs. What also accompanies those all time highs is the fact that 100% of Bitcoin holders are in profit. But what happened to come to this bull run?

5/21/2020 IFC +
Read time: 4 min.

The Bitcoin pizzaday

Hooray: today is international Bitcoin Pizza Day! You might be wondering what Bitcoin has to do with pizza?

4/19/2020 IFC +
Read time: 2 min.

The future

Our society is overloaded by all kinds of crises. We have a health crisis, a financial crisis, a climate crisis.. One of the present problems also, is just the fact that we still haven't overcome the damage that we suffered in the previous crisis.

3/25/2020 IFC +
Read time: 2 min.

And keep on printing.

Our monetary and financial system is hanging by a thread and the debts are skyrocketing. So our only option is to print money like there's no tomorrow.

3/20/2020 IFC +
Read time: 4 min.

Is it too late?

A question we get asked often is: "Am I too late to invest in cryptocurrencies?". For us this is a no-brainer, but since this question still seems to be on many people's minds, we decided to dedicate a blog to this. A little sneak peak: the answer is resolutely no!

3/18/2020 IFC +
Read time: 5 min.

Will Bitcoin become a safe haven in a corona world?

As the infections increase, and the coronavirus spreads its tentacles around the world, we see more and more stock markets go into the red.

3/15/2020 IFC +
Read time: 2 min.

The filosophy

We live in an extremely over-bureaucratic world where every decision and action is often expensive,and involves a lot of paperwork. Lawyers and notaries are taking the lead here, not to mention the amount of civil servants.