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Will Bitcoin become a safe haven in a corona world?

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Health crisis

As the infections increase, and the coronavirus spreads its tentacles around the world, we see more and more stock markets go into the red. And the threat of new recessions rears its head.


For world leaders and the big banks, the coronavirus comes in handy, nicely. Globally, our world economy is in enormous debt. Moreover, the effects of the coronavirus threaten to be a disaster for the global economy. Thus, the virus serves as the perfect excuse, to sweep all the problems going on in our society under the rug. The people in power in the banks and the government have now found an excuse for the impending financial malaise, that was coming anyway. In other words: they who are really causing financial turmoil, and are guilty of manipulating our monetary system can continue to destabilize the economy, while corona is seen as the culprit.


Italy is a great example of this: we all know that they did almost as badly as Greece did during the last crisis. Now in 2020, their economy is still shaky, and the first in line to fall over. Could there be a lick between this situation and Italy's large infections? The country argues that their economy is experiencing a heart attack because of the coronavirus. So they can blame corona, instead of the years of mismanagement by the Italian government and the ECB (European Central Bank).


Cashless society: In China they have found no better solution than to make people hand in all forms of cash, in order to reduce the risk of contagion through money. In other words, cash disappears and the privacy that goes with it. All payments must now be made electronically and are therefore fully traceable.


Solution: Hopefully people around the world will soon get the understanding that there are ways where you are no longer tied to government and banks. Cryptocurrencies are pure perfection for trading in the future. Zero risk of contagion, a safe haven against depreciation (inflation), easy to use and totally uncensored. It’s also totally independent of governments and banks, it allows you to live your own life, Corona or not.

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