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Who is Martin Armstrong?

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Martin Armstrong

Self-taught American economist Martin Armstrong was born in 1949 in New Jersey. He is a genius who can predict cycles in great detail. His economic models were so accurate that the government framed him with false accusations. According to the government, he defrauded investors out of more than $700 million. This was a big lie. What they really wanted from him were his algorithms which were frighteningly correct. Because he wouldn't share them with the government agencies, he was put in jail for 11 years.

His history

At the age of 13 he was already working for a coin distributor in Pennsauken. By the age of 15, he was already buying a large supply of rare Canadian pennies. So at that age he was a millionaire for a while, his big mistake then was that he didn't sell them in time and there was a crash. At the age of 21 he and a partner started a store for people who collected coins and stamps, from here he continued investing in gold coins and speculating on commodity prices of precious metals. In 1973 he started to publish commodity price forecasts as a hobby and from 1983 it became paying due to its great success. He ran a lot of companies in this sector and was enormously accurate in what he did. The precision of his prediction soon demanded the attention of the wrong people including especially the government.

The cycles

His models he invented in the 70-80s and was given the name economic confidence model. He understood better than anyone that our economy stands and falls with confidence. He went and looked at all the crises from 1683 to 1907. There were 26 and he concluded that on average a crisis occurred every 8.6 years. If you look at this in days, there are exactly 3147, a figure that thus corresponds perfectly with the number PI. He was able to pour his knowledge into software and created a computer model that was spot on. So in this way he was able to find out that every 8.6 years there was a crisis, this was added up to 6 periods which gave a total of 51.6 years and this reflected when confidence shifted between the private and public sector. For example, from 1934 to 1987 there was tremendous trust in the government and so since 1987 there was more trust in the market and capitalism, following Armstrong this will shift back to trust in the government starting in 2037. The 51.6 year cycle appears to correspond well with the technological innovations in the economy. If you then take 6 periods of 51.6 in turn you arrive at a period of 309.6 years. This timeline has the reversal of trust between the monarchy and the republic again. Thus, since 2037 the trust will switch back to the monarchy. If we take back 6 cycles of 309.6 years we end up with a period of 1857.6 years. This cycle started in the year 179 when the Roman Empire began to fall and it ends in the year 2037. So in this year something should happen of the same magnitude as the fall of the Roman Empire. A loose prediction around this could be that the united states of america would collapse. The magnitude of this is very hard to imagine but will be enormous.

Inside Information

Now, a warned man is worth two. By knowing about those cycles you can develop a good barometer which will allow you to speculate knowledgeably in the market. So if you have time, definitely delve further into this and try to secure your own future. One thing is certain, the models of Martin Armstrong are frighteningly accurate so with knowledge of this you can safely face the future. Time will tell how reliable these models are, and with the right knowledge of the past you can start predicting the future. A golden rule when it comes to economics. Also, according to him, the dollar is the last man standing in the fiat currencies. Many countries have debts in dollars, while the dollar will rise compared to all other currencies. He also maintains that the Dow Jones will reach 40000$ at the end of its cycle.

There is a docufilm made of him called "the forecaster". https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4103404/

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