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The world in 2021

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Brecht Soenen


The world in 2021

Things are going from bad to worse. The ECB (European Central Bank) has decided to expand its government and corporate bond purchase program to 1850 billion euros. That amounts to some 1.85 trillion euros. This series of actions, it says, stems from the corona crisis.


Okay, corona precipitated all sorts of things, but these actions that the ECB took were coming anyway. Their irresponsible way of constantly printing money was bound to be blamed on them sooner or later. The gross domestic product of the world - that is, simply put, the turnover of the entire world - will reach a loss of 22,000 billion euros in the next 5 years. Staggering figures, that's for sure. And to whom does the world owe this debt?


There is talk of an impending crisis in the real estate market in America. On the chart opposite you can see that the real estate bubble is rising again. Remarkably, similar levels are being reached as in 2006, which of course led to the well-known consequence in 2008. Economists are sounding the alarm everywhere.

The big reset

They are talking about a financial meltdown and terms such as the Big or Great Reset are being thrown around liberally. Now, such a Reset is the only thing that can really help the world before it becomes monetarily unviable. The president of ‘the World Economic Forums, Klaus Swab, has written a book about it and is in favor of this extreme method of intervention. So it all remains to be seen what will happen in the future.


Here everything looks much better. As you can see, the crypto markets are doing well. All time highs are being broken on a daily basis. Cryptocurrency is therefore one of the only things that can really protect people from inflation and manipulation. Institutional investors are also painfully aware of what is to come.

The big boys

They continue to purchase coins, as if their lives depended on it. The largest of these, Grayscale, has now built up a porfolio of $26 billion. What do they know that we don't already? The fact that bitcoin is becoming so popular is obviously also responsible for the huge price increases: the basic principle of supply and demand in practice! Everyone is positive about 2021: it would even be called the year of crypto.


Cryptocurrency is an excellent means to protect your value without any bank or government interference. Just think of the bail in law. Making predictions is virtually impossible, but the future of Bitcoin and its altcoins looks good, and everyone is positive. With patience and knowledge of the market, you will certainly be rewarded in 2021, that much is certain. How high everything will rise we cannot know, no one can. But that cryptocurrency is on the rise is certain! What else will happen? Only time will tell!

Wallstreet bets

I think everyone is curious about how this will end. However, Gamestop was not the only stock that the Reddit group pumped up. They also jointly jumped on the cryptocurrency Dogecoin. It has risen by hundreds of percent as a result. Elon Musk has something to do with that though, because every time the tech mogul tweeted something about the coin, it continued its rise.

The silversqueeze

The next thing the group is working on, is the #silversqueeze. This is all about buying physical silver in order to highlight the mistakes of the banks. The fact is that every ounce of silver has already been sold 100 times, so if everyone wants to physically withdraw their silver now, then it will become painfully clear that this simply cannot be done. There will be a great shortage and this should send the price of silver skyrocketing. So silver is currently a good investment, but if you buy it, be sure to do so in physical form. All the rest are derivatives that are only a derivative of the silver price. When it comes to silver you should also follow Maarten Verheyen on twitter and subscribe to his newsletter. That way, you will certainly be able to learn a lot about silver. For the rest the message is: sit back and enjoy the show. How it will all end? Only time will tell!

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