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The Rothschild family

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The Beginning

The Rothschild family is known for their global power. They have been building their position for centuries and have risen to the top of the elite. It all began in 1744 when Mayer Amschel Rothschild was born the son of a money-changer based in the Jewish ghetto in Frankfurt. He learned all the tricks of the trade and understood better than anyone how money worked. He then brilliantly capitalized on that when he gave birth to 5 sons of his own. He taught his 5 sons everything there was to learn and prepared them for global power and control. After their education, they were sent out to the then 5 financial capitals of the world. One son was sent to Naples, one to Vienna, London, Paris and one remained in Frankfurt to continue the business. They soon acquired titles of nobility and belonged to the elite in Europe.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild

The Rothschild scion who made the biggest earnings was Nathan Mayer Rothschild who was based in London. We were in that period with Napoleon's war. Nathan had his informant at the front so he was kept informed of everything. When the verdict came down and Napoleon lost the war, the informant sprinted to London to report. Nathan took advantage of this and spread the rumors that they had lost the war. Along with these rumors, he began dumping government bonds. People were misled and fell into the trap carefully prepared by Nathan. Everyone began dumping government bonds on the market at ridiculous prices in a panic. When the market was flooded with those bonds, Nathan bought up everything. A little later the official courier arrived from France with the message that they had won the war. Consequently, the price of those bonds skyrocketed and the Rothschild scions became stinking rich.


Since Napoleon's war, the Rothschilds used to finance both sides in every war. They knew better than anyone what fortunes could be made from war and therefore played the stoker in future conflicts. And to keep that power in the family, it was mandatory to marry within the family. That didn't change until the 1900s. Nathan Mayer Rothschild also stood at the cradle of the then first central bank of England. They also sat at the table when America's Federal Reserve was created. Since then, they have been able to make all the central banks of the world their property and thus could control all money flows by printing money and setting interest rates. An absolute power that was unwavering. Every central bank in the world belongs to them except those of Iran, Cuba and North Korea.


Today the family is the most powerful and wealthiest in the world. They have influence in every branch of society. No one knows how much their fortune is but it is said to be innumerable. And their strongest point is the fact that many people have never heard of the name Rothschild. They stay in the background and rule the world with others like e.g. the Rockefellers, the family of JP Morgan and the Warburgs. Together they have total control and decide what happens in the world. They have several institutions that do the dirty work for them such as the Freemasons, the Bilderberg group and the World Economic Forum. The good news is that since short we have something through which we can take away their power and this is indeed Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.


Now we have to watch out in which crypto currencies certain organizations have already infiltrated. E.g. Ripple XRP is working with the WEF and a number of other projects that fall into the ISO20022 standard. These powerhouses that rule the world do know what they are doing, all this is also very clearly described in the white paper of the Rockefellers plans as well as on the website of the WEF there is much to read. It is up to us to make the choice whether we continue to work with certain networks or not. The collective will tell. Paying attention and knowing what is happening on both sides is important. But by acting as our own bank, we are taking matters into our own hands, away from their tentacles. It is effectively the first time since the dawn of mankind that we have been given such tools, so it is time to use them effectively and throw off the chain of existence as a slave. Take responsibility and secure your future. Only together we can overcome.

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