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The road to roota

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Brecht Soenen


Road to Roota

What many people don't know is that children are often programmed from the beginning of their development, to think and behave in a certain way. For example, there is a comic book for children that uses metaphors to explain how the economy works. This comic book 'Wishes and Rainbows' is part of the curriculum in America. With it, teachers are given a manual on how to explain it to children. You should know that this comic book is created and published by 'Federal Reserve', the central bank of the United States. The comic strip tells us two stories, the story we read verbatim and the story we get extra from reading between the lines.

Bix Weir

Bix Weir is a youtuber with 30 years of experience within the economic world. He tries, through the following dissection, to make us understand how the future will evolve.


"The focus of this story is about a girl named Roota, she lives in a world where color is unknown. There are legends that tell of a life filled with brilliant colors, but she is brought down to earth with both feet by her grandmother. Never before has anyone found access to the world of color, where people are big and powerful, who could well trample you."

This is where the gap between rich and poor is explained. Poor people have a hard time playing along with the big boys, who have amassed money and power.


"She was playing in Cobblestone Canyon, when suddenly a golden ray of sunshine surrounded her. She scrambled to her feet and found herself in a landscape awash in breathtaking colors. She picked a flower as a memento, which she took back to their town of Pebbleton. Everyone was amazed when they saw the unseen colors of the flower. But without that golden light, the flower faded into black tears. Roota promised to pick more of those flowers, to show in her village. She planted the black tears in the cave where the golden sunlight entered, to grow more flowers. But then the people became greedy and each wanted their own flower. So Roota had to make a decision about who would come first and who would not, and made a list of who would come first. With each wilting of the black tears, three new ones could be grown. In this way, everyone had their own flower within a certain amount of time”. As you can see, the story is about the distribution of wealth and people's greed. Everyone always wants more, but of course that is not possible. The story makes it clear that poorer people should not even try to accumulate wealth.

Between the lines

Okay, now the story between the lines. The land of no color is a metaphor in which the fiat money system keeps the poor poor, and the rich richer. Colorland would stand for a gold standard. Just think of the golden sunlight in the story.


The black tears would stand for the petrodollar. A system that makes a world currency out of the dollar.

Gold in the Grand Canyon

Cobblestone Canyon would stand for the Grand Canyon which, according to Bix Weir, is full of gold. Such a huge amount that a gold standard could be reinstated. Just think of the Bretton Woods 2.0 they want to keep.


According to Bix, the story shows us where our world is headed. The gap between rich and poor is narrowing because of the oil they are amassing and investing to return to color. The system here tells us that this cannot happen overnight, but may take several years. So we in "the land of no color" will get more color in our lives little by little.

This pretty much echoes the sentiment of my previous blog 'the big reset'. Be sure to check out Bix weir's video ‘The road to Roota’. Below you will find the link of the comic, as well as the link of Bix Weir. Be sure to read it carefully.

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