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The most crazy NFT's

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Brecht Soenen


The craziest NFT's

As everyone knows, the NFT market is going hard, very hard. Staggering amounts of money are being paid for unique pieces registered on the blockchain. Among them are sometimes surprising deals. We go over some of them for you.

Toilet paper

The manufacturer Charmin offers digital toilet rolls that are each unique in their own right. How absurd can it be. They also pay amounts of 4,100 dollars for such a piece. The manufacturer itself only makes 1 cent from it because everything goes directly to charity. The proceeds go to a humanitarian organization Direct Relief donated.


The very first twitter message from the former CEO was also auctioned off ( just setting up my twitter) and brought a sum of 2.9 million dollars. It is the only screenshot that exists of this twitter message from 2006. Absurdly high amounts but it can go even higher.


Brooklyn-based film director Alex Ramirez-Mallis has made it his business to record his and his friends' farts and cast them in NFTs. An NFT like this can easily cost $85. This one is dirt cheap but what are you buying for that price. Dirt in the air... :)


There is a youtube video where someone buys a Banksy artwork in New York for a $95,000 and burns the artwork. The remains of the burned artwork were cast in NFTs and raised about $380,000.

The first 5000 days

Beeples' NFT is a collage of 5000 individual NFTs and brought a staggering $69 million or 42,329 Ethereums at Christies auction house.


The third most expensive NFT is a digital clock that indicates how long Julian Assange has been in custody for spying on the U.S. government. The NFT was created to raise money for the lawsuit Julian needs to pay for his defense. Some 10,000 supporters each have a stake in the nft and raised a whopping $56 million that way.


Cryptopunk #5822 is the most expensive of its kind and cost $23 million. Cryptopunks are pixelated drawings created by AI. There are about 10 million unique pieces and bring in a fortune that is incalculable. There are 5 cryptopunks in the top 10 most expensive NFTs.


One of my favorite NFT's is this one of the source code of the world wide web by Tim Berners-Lee. The source code which dates back to the year 1989 was auctioned by the Sotheby's online auction for a sum of $5.4 million.

Thus, we can say that there is probably more to it than what we can only observe from the outside. There is a strong suspicion that this new hype is being used for money laundering or tax evasion purposes. If you simply type into the search box of google/duck duck go: NFT tax evasion, you will find a whole list of articles that confirm this.

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