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Crises enough.

Our society is overloaded by all kinds of crises. We have a health crisis, a financial crisis, a climate crisis.. One of the present problems also, is just the fact that we still haven't overcome the damage that we suffered in the previous crisis. So how to move forward and what role can Bitcoin play in that? We see everything around us descending into chaos. The health crisis, we can't do much about that as well as the climate crisis. What we do have is the most honest, efficient, democratic way to conduct value transfers and that is the cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin and its cronies can take over our entire financial system, so we can let the old world die in peace. That is, a world that by printing money and setting interest rates, has manipulated the economy from all sides to make the most of it. The gap between rich and poor is wider than ever, while there is enough for everyone on the planet. It becomes effectively necessary in these times, to control your own money. The anonymous person Satoshi Nakamoto, made this possible by creating a digital currency in 2009, through peer 2 peer. Now that people can do money transactions without an intermediary and in a completely decentralized way, the banks and the government are powerless to supervise. Because of this, users are always increasing, and rightly so.


Satoshi's philosophy was the one that made Bitcoin great, although it was still in its infancy. He wanted to narrow the gap between rich and poor in the world, and redistribute wealth. Billion people don't have access to a bank, even now, in 2020. But they all have a smartphone, so that's all it takes for those people to participate in the global economy. The banks don't like to see it happen, but their pain will be short-lived. Crypto is taking over, whether they want it or not! Be Your Own Bank!

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