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The filosophy

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Brecht Soenen



We live in an extremely over-bureaucratic world where every decision and action is often expensive,and involves a lot of paperwork. Lawyers and notaries are taking the lead here, not to mention the amount of civil servants.

Everything revolves around central nodes in our current world. This centralisation and accumulation of power, creates massive corruption. Existing institutions like NGO's that should help humanity became robbers.

Privacy has also become a public good and we call data 'the new oil'. People often don't care much or don't realise what they are doing with our data. But when everything becomes clear, they will be to late to realise that this is a land mine in our society.

It's time that people learn the concepts of decentralisation and peer to peer. Back in the 90's a group of hacktivists and cypherpunks already warned us for what should considered normal today. Institutions like US NSA are absorbing all our data from the digital world and this must stop.

Early days

Hacktivist groups in the 90-ties and the cyperphunks were already warning of what is considered normal today. We have institutions like the U.S. NSA recording all data like a vacuum cleaner from our digital world. Here we come then to cryptocurrencies that open a total new door for the world, a world of honesty, transparency and democracy in the purest sense. Peer 2 peer, decentralization, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and decentralized applications will create a paradigm shift. As long as it remains decentralized, and governed by consensus. The protocol with the algorithm is the law. CODE IS LAW

The future

Blockchain will be used in the future. The way to act on a global scale for everything related to value transfer and registration of property.

Satoshi had a pure vision of the future and he made that beautifully clear with bitcoin, the crypto currency that is not tied to banks or governments. His Whitepaper also clearly states his vision, p2p currency, redistribution of wealth thus reducing the gap between rich and poor. If our world is eventually controlled in a blockchain based way, people's labor can be directed in a different direction. More attention to fellow human beings without much involvement of third parties of manipulative nature. Moving developing countries forward.

I maintain my personal thought, in a decentralised world, people can be placed back at the center. The word DECENTRAL is really KEY.

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