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Spending Bitcoin

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Spending Bitcoin

Investing in Bitcoin is fun and lucrative but what if you want to buy something with your Bitcoin. More and more places are starting to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment and you can buy anything with your crypto Visa card from places like Binance, coinbase and crypto.com. Below we list what you can buy directly with Bitcoin. It is also true that when you spend your bitcoin the taxman has less visibility on it.


This website allows you to have food delivered to your home. So you can literally buy your meal every day with your bitcoins. The selection here is also vast so appropriate to be able to order a meal to your liking every day.

Bitcoin ATM

This is also interesting because if you want some cash in your hand you can go to a Bitcoin machine. It is a relatively expensive way but your anonymity is guaranteed. Also, each machine has its limits so you are limited. Another way to sell some Bitcoin for cash is localbitcoins.com, here you can meet directly with individuals to either buy or sell coins.


Very interesting is also the websites where you can buy precious metals with your crypto like at Apmex. Gold and silver have always been good investments but you can also cash out some this way without the taxman being at your door. Because if you buy gold with your Bitcoin and then in turn sell the gold then you don't pay taxes because gold is tax-free.


On this website you can go to buy your dream car. It ranges from BMW to Lamborghini and everything in between. The price on the collection website is not even quoted in Euro or Dollars anymore, everything is directly visible on the website in BItcoin.

Real estate

We are also seeing more and more luxury real estate being sold with BItcoin. Places like London, Dubai and Los Angeles are taking the lead here. It still takes some time but this is something we will see more and more of, also in the regular real estate market.


You can also come here for everything to do with travel. Both your flights, hotel or excursions on the spot. They also accept not only Bitcoin, but a wide range of cryptocurrencies. So yes, you can also spend your coins for your free time.


For watch fanatics there is also a place to be. Here you will find a collection of luxury timepieces that can be purchased with Bitcoin.


This is a very interesting one. This website is a search robot where you can enter your desired product and the website will search for you where you can buy your desired item with Bitcoin.


Yes indeed, there is also a place for the gamblers among us. This gambling site only works with Bitcoin. Be sure to play carefully because it would be a shame to lose your hard-earned coins.


As everyone knows, art can be a good investment. Therefore, there is a great choice on this website where you can buy your art with your BItcoins.


This was a small selection of the offerings, more and more places are starting to accept crypto. The easiest way to spend through crypto is with the visa cards issued by different exchange platforms. Binance & Coinbase are the most common ones.

Be careful when you spend your Bitcoins, timing is everything. Ideally, the market should be high, if not, you'll logically keep hodling until the right moment. What the future will bring is still a big question mark for most of the coins, also Bitcoin. That remains to be seen, as far as Bitcoin is concerned.

What is certain is that blockchain technology will be used in numerous economic applications.

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