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Fundamental analysis

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Fundamental Analysis

Meanwhile, there are already more than 20,000 cryptocurrencies. There are many good projects but also many bad ones and unfortunately scams. It is therefore essential that you do proper research into the projects you might want to get involved in. There is a wide range of different types of coins and it is important to know what is what. There are some golden rules that are best to take into account when doing your research. For example, the #1 thing to look for is who is behind the project. Are they people with a good reputation or do you end up with guys who have already come a long way between scams and other scams. It's also best to check if they have working software or if it's all just promises. Always interesting to see if they have partnerships with decent companies like Theta has with Samsung. You should also stay away from coins with a very small market cap because they are very easy to manipulate and are therefore sometimes victims of the well-known pump and dumps. Always beware of projects that promise heaven, try to think about whether they are realistic and feasible. There are always developers who mean well but run projects that are not doable. Fundamental analysis, in addition to technical analysis, is hugely important to see which way you want to go and where the goldilocks are. It's also best to keep an eye on all kinds of charts and tools to see how the price is evolving and what the sentiment in the market is like. I've collected some interesting links for you here so you can get as broad a view as possible in the world of cryptocurrencies. We'll go over them briefly.


On this website you'll find several charts including the fear and greed index. This is the ideal chart to measure the sentiment in the market. If this chart goes in the red direction it means that there is fear in the market. If it goes in the green direction it means that there is a positive sentiment and greed. Always try to observe the quote of Warren Buffet: be fearfull when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearfull. A golden rule to keep in mind.

Logarithmic growt chart

On this website you will also find the logarithmic growt chart. This shows very clearly in zones where the price is located. Here you can perfectly determine whether the price is going in the right direction or when it could plummet.


This is a very interesting one to keep an eye on the valuation of Bitcoin. It's called the MVRV-Zscore. On the this chart we see a green zone and a red zone. It's very simple, when the chart is in the green zone it means that Bitcoin is undervalued and therefore may indicate a good buying moment. When the chart goes into the red it means that Bitcoin is overvalued and this may indicate a good time to sell. A very simple chart that shows very clearly where we are in the market.


Here you come to a website that is similar to coinmarketcap. So a ranking of the coins. What is interesting here is the fact that if you click on a coin you can see what the monthly returns are. So you can see in which month a particular coin performs best and so you can effectively respond.


This is an all-in website where you can find all the details of a particular coin and all the news about a particular project. It is always interesting to start your search on this website so you can find out what a coin stands for and what ecosystem it runs on.


Here you can find a calendar of all future events in the crypto world. From forks and new listings to airdrops. Keep an eye on everything through this website and don't miss a thing.


Here you can find every conceivable chart of Bitcoin. From price and transactions to difficulty and block rewards. Even everything about the lightning network can be found here. This is the most complete website on Bitcoin, so take the time to learn more and be one step ahead of the rest.


This is the most complete tool for miners. You can choose your coin, hash rate, kilowatt hour price and see what your potential profit will be if you decide to mine.


Liquidations are a daily occurrence in the crypto world and on this website you can find out how much people have lost in leverage trading. We know that the markets are subject to heavy manipulations and it is often the case that when many people open long positions the market drops and thus gets liquidated and vice versa.


Always very important to see that you don't fall for scams. On this website you will find a large collection of scams and you can also report scams. Also easy to find scams is an ordinary search on google, you type in the name of the project with scam in the search bar and you see what the search results give you. Usually all the scammers fall through the cracks.

Due dilligence

You see, there are many things you can keep an eye on to see if something is a good investment or not. If in doubt, you can always contact us and we will check whether something is reliable or not. Definitely never get into a project without doing research and don't always believe what friends tell you. Your own research is the only thing you can do to invest in the right coins. So make work of a fundamental analysis and go into the future without risk.

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