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Financial districts around the world

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Sovereignty There are locations in the world where normal law does not count and which are completely sovereign. This is often taken advantage of by large financial institutions because in those places they are above the law of the country where they are located. Absurd you would think because these are hotbeds of money, power and corruption.

Bis bank The very first in this list is the BIS bank, the Bank of International Settlement. This is the central bank of central banks, the uber bank that is. It is based in Basel Switzerland and that's where it stops. The BIS bank and its grounds are independent and sovereign with their own laws and police forces. Add to that the fact that no government gets to see the ins and outs of the bank. It is also rumored that secret government agencies are hiding there with accounts from any scrutiny. It is also true that anyone working for the bank is completely immune and thus cannot be prosecuted anywhere in the world.

Vatican The rallying point of the Catholic Church is also under a similar statute. Completely independent and sovereign. The Vatican is located in Rome but has nothing else to do with it. It too is a centralized institution that is ├╝ber powerful. It dates back to the glory days of the Roman Empire. From here they are involved in a lot of lucrative ventures including, for example, oil and weapons. In addition to the Vatican's bank, a lot of savings are made in the Bank of England so they have direct ties to the Rothschild family. Nobody can do anything to the Vatican, they are literally above the law and therefore untouchable.

The city of London : The city The City of London also called the Firm is located in the oldest part of London and is owned by the central bank of England, the Bank of England. This place is a gathering point of financial institutions, this way they can operate without having to submit to British law. So also completely sovereign. There is an atmosphere of lawlessness and short-term thinking. These work hand in hand, as well as workers can be thrown out on the street at any time without protection. Joris van Luyendijk has written a nice book about it "It can't be true". Because anyone who designs financial products, based on commission, can be thrown out on the street at any moment, they try to make sure that those products generate as much profit as possible in as short a time as possible. Short-term thinking has flooded the market with financial products that can be devastating in the long run. Complete sovereignty and total freedom of control. Even the king must seek permission from the mayor to enter the territory.

District of Columbia (Washington DC) What many people do not know is that Washington has nothing to do with America but is an independent corporation separate from American laws and with its own flag. It is true that American tax money goes to this region, outright scams. Also in these regions, like the cities mentioned above, it is a gathering place of financial institutions and banks. The private company "The federal reserve" of America, i.e., the central bank, is located in Washington and is therefore also not subject to U.S. law. Thus, the bank actually has nothing to do with the citizens of the country, nor the government. The same also applies to the President and congressmen. So these work for corporate Washington and not for America. A grim thought when you stop to think about it.

The fact that these "cities" exist proves very well the fact that the powerful prefer not to have peeping eyes and to operate without being subject to normal laws. These regions are hotbeds of corruption, power and control without being accountable to any country or institution. For example, several organs of power have sprung up here such as the global warming organization. The central banks, you also find Big Pharma there and the control bodies of local governments and of human rights. These would be as many as 13 families who hold tight control. It is really time for man to stand up and overthrow the powers that be. Only then can we move toward a world that is pleasant for all.

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