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Financial astrology

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Brecht Soenen


Financial astrology

As everyone knows, there are different types of analysis. Technical analysis is when one analyzes charts and fundamental analysis looks at the basis of projects. There is also a third and less known one namely energetic analysis. Here we talk about astrology, numerology and lunar cycles. The well-known saying goes like this referring to JPMorgan: Millionaires don't use astrology but billionaires do. As well, we often see certain world events and turning points in the market, correlated to certain special dates, in astrological times, as well as the hebrew calendar dates. I suggest you start the blog with an open mindset and a healthy curiosity.

Content creators

There are a lot of youtubers and content creators who post about this. For example, the youtube channel Watersabove talks a lot about numerology and what role it plays in this type of analysis. Also, Michelle Whitedove is one of the best known in this world. She talks more about her personal energetic sense of what is right and what is not. Especially the team & the use case of the project. Every so often she releases a report with the info she receives from "the spirit guides," and believe it or not but she is pretty accurate. It is effectively so that on her advice I bought certain unknown coins that turned out to be very profitable, for example because of her a few years ago I bought Theta at 0.20$, this coin is now at 1.20$. So not a bad purchase. Of course, your own critical thinking is always a priority when deciding whether or not to invest in a particular project.


Financial astrology is becoming more and more popular. Here one predicts ups and downs and cycles according to the position of the planets just like regular astrology. Also important not to forget are the cycles in the Hebrew calendar, and specifically referring to the shemitah cycles. A few blogs back we also talked about Martin Armstrong, who then has his own theory about the PiCycles, correlated to other e.g. War-, religious-, political-, real estate-, climate cycles.... Etc... so many cycles. For us to look at it in a certain way. Even on tradingview, the website where you can find everything for your technical analysis, you can put the moon cycles on the chart as an indicator. And believe it or not this one is really very accurate.

Lunar cycles

For example, the price of Bitcoin is particularly sensitive when it is the full moon. As with humans, the date of creation is also important. This one already tells a lot about the project. These tactics were already used millennia ago for such as value of money but also for farmers who wanted to know in this way whether the harvest was going to be successful. In 2018, a certain Robert made a name for himself because he saw that Bitcoin and the altcoins were going through a period where saturn dominated. Saturn represents difficulties, obstacles, limits, fear and scarcity.(also order & structure) He was literally able to predict the big crash of that moment and caused many more people to open up when it comes to alternative analysis.


The fact that this financial astrology is becoming more popular is because the younger generation is much more open to this aspect of the market, the older generation is much more skeptical of this. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are already data that affect people who are much more open to the world around them. Here it is also the case that the older generation have a much more pessimistic view when it comes to alternatives. For example, it has been found that many people who buy special software about finance are also increasingly buying astrological software that allows them to overlay the astrological chart with the financial software.

City of london

The city of london is an independent section in London where the core of the financial world sits. The thing is that there is a group of traders there who rely entirely on the position of the planets. Apparently, according to them, the moon and mercury are very important in the astrological financial chart. So these are people at the highest level who work effectively with alternative analysis.

Moral of the story, keep an open mind and don't rule anything out. There is so much in the world that we struggle to explain. The world of cryptocurrencies is already seen as alternative so the leap to this kind of analysis is small. Definitely delve further into this aspect of the world who knows you will reap the benefits.

Here are some interesting links: https://youtu.be/rk54S6lJE_0 https://youtu.be/EJb_Aid9bGg https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI3sXZyaUUtmVGklYxemGAA/videos https://www.youtube.com/c/WatersAboveCrypto https://www.michellewhitedove.com

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