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Cryptofriendly browsers

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Brecht Soenen



Internet browsers, we use them daily to skim the internet. Yet, we are very careless and always rely on browsers like microsoft edge, safari and google chrome. These are tools to follow you online in all your doings. We like to complain about the lack of privacy online and the targeted ads that you receive but still we put our trust again and again in third parties that are totally untrustworthy. Good news though, thanks to blockchain technology, there are now browsers that grant you all the privacy, block advertisements and let you surf much faster than you are used to. To help you further, we present you with a few of them.


Brave is now a very popular cryptobrowser that in all privacy lets you surf much faster than regular browsers. It is 3 times faster than chrome and much more secure. With brave you can surf in a responsible way without worrying too much, there is also a built-in wallet for Basic attention token, with this you can give tips to content creators, so this is definitely a must. This browser can be found at https://brave.com


This browser secures your data on a 100% protected platform. So this is very ideal if you want to surf anonymously. Thanks to blockchain technology this is more possible than ever before. You can find this browser at https://decentr.net/


This browser allows you to keep full control over your data. Maiarbrowser does not follow you and your data is not collected. In the privacy mode it does not save your history and previous searches, nor your cookies. This browser can be found on the appstores


This brings everything but next level, is 7 times faster than chrome and protects you from third party cookies on all kinds of streaming platforms. It also has a cryptowallet, called Osiris metawallet. This is one of the better platforms anyway. So I would definitely consider this one. This browser can be found at https://browseosiris.com/


The last one I want to introduce here is Cryptotab, this is also a very fast browser but has 1 unique cool feature. It has Bitcoin mining software in it. So every time you surf the Internet you mine some bitcoin in the meantime. This browser already has about 25 million users. This browser can be found at https://cryptobrowser.site/en/


As you can see, there are many alternatives to help you in a fast and secure way on the Internet. So throw away those default browsers and choose one from the series I mentioned above. That way you can surf the internet with peace of mind.

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