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Blackrock rules the world

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Blackrock is the giant in the world of asset management. The company was started in 1988 and has grown to be the largest of its kind. They have shares in just about every major company in the world, from Meta to Coca-cola. It is so big that you could say they dominate the world, they have a hand in everything with a capital of $8-9 trillion. The company is also structured in a way that makes it hard to figure out who is effectively pulling the strings. Of course, the CEO is well known, as Larry Fink is a big name in the financial world. Another company of this caliber is Vanguard, this company also manages billions and is involved with the big boys. You can say that these 2 asset managers control the world but they are certainly not competition because Blackrock has many shares of Vanguard and Vanguard has many shares of Blackrock. I would say do some research and you will be surprised of their portfolio.


Most of the capital is managed by their secret weapon. A supercomputer with AI software, called Aladdin, which makes more than 250,000 trades daily. This computer can be used to manipulate and control entire markets. The software is also used by other asset managers and controls some $21 trillion. An absurdly high amount that reflects the power of the AI. It is also said that Klaus Schwab's plans, namely the great reset will come about with this software. Everyone remembers Klaus' saying, you will own nothing and you be happy about it. It is also true that the software becomes more powerful through deep learning, so with every action it becomes smarter and smarter until it reaches the singularity. This means that the supercomputer will surpass human intelligence by a wide margin and then in turn will be hard to control. It has its own will and this with only 1 goal, to extract maximum profit from the market and control the world. Pretty terrifying when you stop and think about it.

The rich get richer

As ordinary citizens we can't do much about it of course, the system helps ensure that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. They have access to markets that we can only dream of. They invest capital from pension funds, insurance companies and of course the enormously wealthy individuals. The money is invested in Ishares. These are ETFs created by Blackrock itself, in fact they are the largest producer in the ETF market.


Now why is this relevant to us crypto fanatics. Blackrock recently sat down with the publicly traded Coinbase and came to an agreement that Aladdin will have access to the crypto market. Whether this is good or bad news is hard to say. We are already in a market that is highly manipulated and Blackrock's involvement in the crypto world will certainly not improve this situation. However, there is a good chance that if Blackrock invests huge amounts of money in the crypto market, this could lead to a new Bull run.


We can say that we are facing a future with even more extremes in the already volatile market. You cannot control the waves but you can learn to surf them. And when we are actually facing a new bull run, don't forget to take some profits from time to time, and what the effect of Blackrock will be on the market is hard to predict but we assume a positive setting. Keep it coming I would say.

Here is a good link with a word of explanation : https://youtu.be/ghP7kImI9WM

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