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Bitcoin is going mainstream

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TV Shows en movies

After a long time, cryptocurrencies are finally starting to find their way onto the television screen. Bit by bit, you see the name Bitcoin dropped in movies and series. In the Simpsons, cryptocurrencies have already been discussed. In the immensely popular The Big Bang Theory, an entire episode is dedicated to Bitcoins. In the series they remember that in the early days of the Bitcoin they had mined on it for a while. The episode was then also about recovering the laptop they were kept on which was worth a fortune at the time. The series startup is also highly recommended where crypto is part of the story being told. In million dollar listing New York we also see that a person wants to pay for a 13Million dollar Penthouse in Bitcoin. Personally, I think that the series Billions about a big hedge fund mogul brings Bitcoin to the fore the best. Where in the first 4 seasons the name Crypto and Blockchain are regularly mentioned, in the 5th season they take the crown. We see entire mining farms come to the fore in these episodes, and Bitcoin is presented in a relatively positive way. In the second season of the popular Netflix series Altered Carbon, you can see that a futuristic society works entirely with Crypto currencies. In 2019, the film "Crypto" was also released. Where crypto currencies are of course central. In 2020 the movie Black Bishop was released, a movie completely dedicated to a thriller story about stolen Bitcoins.


Why is this relevant I hear you think. It just so happens that people who are still strangers to the crypto scene still get their curiosity piqued somewhere and the best channel for that are just in daily series or movies. The more people see Bitcoin being mentioned the more open they will be to the whole project. It makes the leap smaller to effectively purchase some Crypto. It will greatly advance mainstream adoption, this combined with perhaps a new Bullrun could well trigger a stampede on Bitcoin.


So suppose people do indeed invest effectively in Crypto as a result then demand could very well outstrip supply and that will only result in higher prices. It's also good for the miners, who can then also profit enormously. And it is of course good for us as well because Bitcoin might increase exponentially. Conclusion is simple, every time you watch TV and you see the word Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin mentioned, this is always a new victory and it will encourage people who do not know anything about it to google it. Sit back and enjoy the show, it's going to be one of the biggest in History.

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