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The Shemitah

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7year cycle

The Shemitah is a cycle of 7 years in Jewish culture. It was that you were allowed to cultivate your land for 6 years and the 7th year you had to rest the land, also the mutual debts of the Jewish community were cancelled and the slaves were released. The shemitah consists of,7 times 7 years followed by a jubilee year, so 49 years and 1 jubilee year. What does this have to do with crypto or economics I hear you think. Well, in the shemitah years all sorts of things happen that have an influence in the world and directly or indirectly affect the markets. I did some research and put the history next to the shemitah cycles and a lot became clear, I'll go over it for you. I went back to the shemitah year 1987 and the cycles after that. So what happened during those periods?

The Shimitah years

Shemitah year 1987: There was an incident called Black Monday. This was a severe stock market crash that started in Hong Kong and in turn spread to Western Europe, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This was a serious crisis where a lot of money was lost.

Shemitah year 1994: This is the year of the Tequila crisis. Here the Mexican pesos crashed against the dollar. The crisis was so severe that it spread to the rest of South America and East Asia.

Shemitah year 2001: As everyone may never forget this was the year of the attacks on the twin towers in New York where 2 planes brought the towers down. This will forever be known as 9/11. This was also the year of the introduction of the Euro and the bursting of the dot com bubble. The latter was a bursting of the many internet companies that were hugely hyped at the time and had billions of funds flowing into them, it turned out that most were not viable and it was blown up to the point that everything exploded. We see this happening now in the crypto market as well, we are now at over 17,000 cryptocurrencies and 95% of them are pure garbage that should disappear from the scene anyway, the trick now is to find the right coins that will survive the future.

Shemitah year 2008: Here not so many words are needed I think. The global crisis that broke out then had a devastating effect. Banks all over the world were kept straight with our tax money through the Bail outs, many say we have not overcome this yet.

Shemitah year 2015: This year we had to deal with the very big refugee crisis also we had a resurgence of the European sovereign debt crisis with Greece leading the way.

And now is the point where many are making mistakes. 2015 was the 7th cycle so we are in a jubilee year. Most think the next shemitah falls in 2022 but because of this jubilee year it is only 2023. So what has happened now in the jubilee year.

Jubilee year

Shemitah jubilee year 2016: then there was a big crash in China that spread to Europe and the US. We also had something called the OPEC cut. The oil producing countries decided to process less oil so prices rose sharply, amounts of $100 a barrel were tapped. This is also the year of the Brexit referendum. Trump was elected in this year, sanctions against Iran were lifted and the Bail in law was passed. The latter ensures that our savings can be confiscated to save the economy, hopefully it won't come to that. As you can see, it was super busy in the 2016 jubilee year.

Future Shemitah years

The question now is of course what will happen in 2023, we have no crystal ball but we still recommend to cover yourself, this can be done with some cash, silver, gold and crypto. If we follow this count it also fits with the United Nations 2030 agenda, which stands for the new world order, a world government with a world currency and the great reset. So there is a lot to happen in the next decades. Always try to be aware of all that is happening in the world and always try to prepare for the worst. Don't say you weren't warned.

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