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And keep on printing.

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The end of a system as we know it

Our monetary and financial system is hanging by a thread and the debts are skyrocketing. So our only option is to print money like there's no tomorrow.


The FED in America already 'virtually printed' a few hundred billion dollars, but that's nothing compared with what they're doing now. From next week on, they will pump daily 1 billion dollars into economy. Dicing with death, if you ask me.

The future

They also manipulate the interest rates, by adjusting them and thereby maintaining the inflation. It's like math; (1+1+2) But they are clearly not familiar with that subject. Printing money is one thing, keeping that value is another. If the markets are saturated with desperate piles of dollars, then confidence in that currency could be well misplaced and generate hyperinflation.

Just a little tap and that house of cards will collapse sooner than anyone thinks. And that little tap, we call it COVID-19. It is still a matter of conjecture which financial discomfort corona will bring, but it will be very global. There will be a big reset in our economy and monetary area so maybe its finally time to pull the plug (RESET).

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